Quality as focus on business strategy

We believe that there is no compromise for quality in business strategy. It is the only objective in everything we do.  We’re always restless in the pursuit of improvement and excellence, asking the Why not ? Instead of the What if?

A passion for quality is our competitive advantage. At Kay by Design, we are driven to elevate purpose-driven businesses to a corporate standard through business strategy, storytelling, and visual design solutions. In every task we execute, we do so with the age-old adage, ‘quality over quantity’ in mind.

We have coined ourselves business architects. We redesign with quality assured, even if that means renovating brands with no direction or detonating websites that aren’t newsworthy.

Kay by Design was created to essentially cut through the BS. Our founder, Sara Kay, recognized a need for high-quality brands and business strategies that scale companies into giants. Quality had gone out the door, making way for quantity in the rise of the digital era.

That’s why we set our own standard and caliber of quality. Steve Jobs founder of Apple said it best ‘Be a yardstick for quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected’.

In classic Kay by Design style, we didn’t think outside the box to solve the quality conundrum. Instead, we drew a circle.

We decided to run our own race, at our own pace. Where quality is the finish line – not how many times we can lap our competitors with a blog post, social media followers, pages of website content or how fast we can create a brand.

Founder of Kay by Design’s sister company Nadine McGrath, said it best, ‘in the age of information overload, you need to prioritize quality over quantity to cut through the noise’.

In order to cut through the noise and deafening at that, Kay by Design firmly believes you don’t need to be everything it everyone – just something to someone. Business strategy helps us pinpoint target demographics. From there we can craft quality business and brand directions and meaningful content.

Focusing on quality inadvertently builds emotional brand connections. It is through this quality and connection that we help business make a tangible and positive difference in this world.  Our perpetual pursuit for quality in our work is fun, chaotic and collaborative. It is a journey that generates superb results.