The Modern Alkimista

A brand with heart and spirit Alkimista was ready to take their brand and presence to the next level.  Their products were born from science and a love of essential oils from a team of very heart centred women.  With organic, Australian,
vegan and cruelty free as their core values we developed icons that clearly represented.  Their core product was their four elements of nature range and during the brand strategy the fifth element was revealed. The icons for the five elements combined naturally to form Modern Alkimista icon.  

The Modern Alkimista is a contemporary brand that stays true to its heart and soul, bringing locally sourced products and daily rituals to their clients.

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To make a cohesive brand that represented the core values and intent while being universally recognisable.  Take the brand to one that is more than just ecommerce, developing additional income streams through wholesale and professional ranges.


From launch the praises for the brand transformation have been outstanding.  We created a clean, contemporary brand that still has its roots grounded in Alchemy.  Combining the look and feel of the amber and stone with the clean crisp lines of the new icons and font family.  The alchemy feel of the colour palette ensures there is no confusion as to what the brand represents.

The Modern Alkimista team, have fully embraced the new brand, transforming their packaging, offerings and labels to  showcase their brand.  They now have a fully integrated ecommerce website for both wholesale, retail and affiliate customers to order products  online. 

The transformation has been a resounding success and is attracting wholesale, retailers and wellness professionals to their brand.

Marketing activities are sure to see them continue to grow as a brand and see outstanding results.