Our brand strategy: Have fun and be creative!

Kay by Design gets down to business, but we also know life is too short to be miserable at work. You spend half of your life here, why not have fun and be your best self when developing brand strategy? We want our team and customers to smile each and every day, feel supported and be respected.

Our workplace doesn’t fit the mould, we are a unique amalgamation of hard-hitting strategy, visual ingenuity, and meaningful content. Within our eclectic team, we cultivate creativity in a positive environment that gives back what you put in and more.

Collaboration is key and working closely with clients and our team generates momentum, an infectious energy and fuels passion. We are always looking to uplift others and live by the mantra, ‘Always empower and if you have to step over someone to get where you’re going, you’re on the wrong path’.

Having fun in the workplace, as cheesy as it sounds, improves cohesion, trust and innovation, as Aristotle once said, ‘Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work’. This passion energizes our commitment to quality over quantity, exceeding customer expectations, accountability merged by passion and fun.

We are thinkers, designers’ creatives, storytellers and strategists that break the traditional constraints of collaboration and workplaces to create elevated brand strategy results for our clients. Most importantly, we celebrate every person, client and colleague that walks through our door. We revere their unique skills and perspectives that can rejuvenate an idea, an approach or a brand strategy. At Kay by Design, we believe in the power of having fun and being fabulous!