Bean Sprout Package


Logo | Fonts | Colours | Imagery | Style Guides

Intermediate Print

Business cards | Flyers / handouts | Brochure

Intermediate Digital

Email signatures | Letterheads


Website Design | Website Development | Website Content

Intermediate Digital Marketing

Google My business setup | Facebook page setup (Content included for both)
Bean Sprout Package, ideal for small businesses wanting more marketing, this package is designed to attract your ideal clients with a strong brand, beautiful visual assets, a UX designed website with SEO content while making you Google and Facebook ready.

A case study

entice—me – catering & coffee shop

After 17 years in the business, Kym was ready to take her place besides the giants of the hospitality industry. Already delivering quality food and service what she needed was a solid brand strategy, brand redesign and implementation. Having both a cafe and catering business Entice Me needed a brand that transitioned into the corporate world while attracting cafe clientele.

We are extremely proud of what we created, and more importantly, the Entice Me team love their new brand which is attracting new and old clients.