Why is brand resilience so important?

We believe there is no better lesson than failure.  Fail early, fail fast, adapt, learn and be agile; these are the cornerstones of great businesses. However, there is a catch. Failure can only foster growth when it is accompanied by brand resilience. Resilience is the capacity to recover, adapt and overcome in the face of adversity.

Resilience is a quality that should transcend your personal and business spheres. Both should be equally resilient, because you will fail in both and you will need to make meaning out of the hardship.

The Harvard Business Review published a 2015 study exploring what resilience is, why it matters and where people gain resilience from. The study showed that 90% of participants source their resilience within themselves. This can be empowering– but what happens when we lack resilience or our ability to overcome adversity flails?

Authors of the Failure Tolerent Leader, Richard Farson and Ralph Keyes believe you can side-step building brand resilience by embracing both failures and wins as positive learning experiences in business.

This removes our innate fear of failure – a fear our team at Kay by Design is determined to stamp out. Although some fear is inevitable and can be used fuel our fighting spirit, fear sets a pace you cannot sustain. Fear precedes our endeavors and stifles creativity.

Kay by Design believes that a resilient spirit is the antidote to fear. Our resilience will always have your back. We understand the difficulties of risk-taking, that’s why we will always give honest, constructive feedback and help you implement change that fosters news opportunities for growth.

Strategy requires brand resilience because business is hard – so suck it up buttercup. In saying that, don’t be afraid to feel your failures and feel your successes. Resilience does not mean a stone-cold poker face and an icy touch. It is compassion, kindness and the ability to have a laugh when you face setbacks.

At Kay by Design, we get our resilience from within – we look to our vision and our goals to cultivate longevity and hope. Your setbacks may not be as easy as water off a duck’s back.  However, with us it is through resilience and strategy that helps you out of the pond, shake the water off and pat yourself dry to try again.